Deploy Ping in the cloud of your choice and support DevOps

Welcome to Ping DevOps

Do you want to quickly deploy our market-leading identity and access management solutions in the cloud of your choice while supporting your DevOps initiatives? Ping Identity provides Docker images, Kubernetes orchestrations, reference architectures and more to automate deployment in cloud providers like AWS, Azure or Google and to support your automated software deployment pipeline. Test drive our IAM solutions quickly using the reference use cases below or visit our resources page for further documentation.

  • Quickly launch various Ping Identity solutions in a Docker environment.

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  • Deploy out-of-the-box reference product configurations.


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  • Assemble several images into a functioning deployed set of containers.

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  • Automate and orchestrate containerized workloads and services.

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Get Started Fast with Ping Identity

These containers of Ping’s software solutions are quick and easy to deploy and can be used as a stepping stone to build customizable and comprehensive identity and access management solutions for your organization.

  • View all Ping Identity Docker Images on DockerHub
  • View Ping Identity DevOps Git library on GitHub

Server Profiles

Server profiles allow the packaging of custom configurations making it easier to apply to Ping Identity product containers. Integrations, environment variables, licenses, hooks, data and more can be included in the server profile.

  • Baseline

    Core server profiles for the entire Ping Identity product line.

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  • Getting Started

    Server profiles for PingFederate and PingDirectory used in the DevOps Getting Started repository

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  • simple sync

    Server profiles that configure PingDataSync to replicate data to PingDirectory

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Docker Compose

See how Docker Compose can be used to assemble several images, each with their own role, into a functioning deployed set of containers

  • Simple Stack

    Use a Docker Compose file to stand up PingFederate and PingDirectory 

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  • Replicated Pair

    Use a Docker Compose file in conjunction with the Scale command to run multiple instances of PingDirectory

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  • Full Stack

    Use Docker Compose file to stand up PingFederate, Ping Directory and PingAccess

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Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. See the full list of Kubernetes deployments for Ping Identity in the Getting Started Github repository here.


Deploy the following reference use cases: