1 - Market Opportunity

Closing the Customer Experience Gap

Creates Opportunity


“Customers demand that their digital interactions with your brand be seamless and span devices; that they be able to engage with your brand whenever and wherever they'd like; and that every encounter meet their needs in the moment.”1



Over the last five years, there’s been a major shift in how enterprises look at and secure their customer identities. Always-connected consumers are blurring the lines of customer interactions. They’re adopting new ways to engage with and experience brands. They’re spreading their customer journey across multiple channels.


Customer access isn’t just about web apps anymore. It’s grown to include mobile, IoT and other channels. And applications no longer live exclusively inside the firewall.


Today’s enterprise needs to deliver a seamless and secure customer experience across every touchpoint to address evolving customer behaviors. As a result, new business requirements have been created, which require partnering with cross-functional IAM teams to deliver the right solution.


Most enterprises have large numbers of customers who come in from many different access points, using a broad range of devices. As the number of customers, applications, websites and services continues to grow, the data collected on each customer is also increasing exponentially. This data is often spread across various disparate identity stores, creating inconsistent user experiences and hindering your ability to have a single unified view of your customers.


Companies that leverage customer insights have the competitive advantage. The right CIAM solution can enable your rise to the top. It should set the foundation for a secure and seamless customer experience. It must also adhere to privacy regulations, increase business agility and be scalable to support tens (or even hundreds) of millions of customer identities.


For companies who fail to address these changing requirements, the customer experience gap will widen and shortcomings in performance, security or privacy could spell disaster for brand reputation and customer loyalty. On the other hand, organizations that build their future on a solid CIAM platform can capitalize on the market opportunity and outpace their competition.


(1)  Deanna Laufer, Allegra Burnette, Tony Costa, Andrew Hogan, and Kelly Price, with David Truog, Gabriella Zoia, and Rachel Birrell, Improve Digital Customer Experiences, Forrester, Jan 10, 2017.


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