IAM Expertenleitfaden Teil 1: Modernisierung veralteter Web-Access-Management-Lösungen | Ping Identity
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The IAM Pro's Guide to Building a Business Case, Part 1

Modernizing legacy web access management (WAM)


Once the de facto standard, the web access management (WAM) solution of yesterday isn’t designed for the requirements you face today. You can try to force a round peg into a square hole, but at what cost? There’s a hefty price to pay not only in dollars, but in user experience and security.


You know you need a better solution.


Security in the modern enterprise must be dynamic, responding to a user’s location, time, behavior, network and device. The past, perimeter-defined approach of firewalls and passwords just doesn’t cut it anymore. Digital enterprise transformation requires a new approach.


And identity provides it. A modern access security solution, centered on identity, offers the security you need and a whole lot more. So how do you get others to see this, too? Download our white paper to learn how by building a solid business case, you can accelerate digital transformation and propel your company forward.  


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