white paper

a modern identity architecture for the digital enterprise

The name of the game is Identity Defined Security

Identity architects and company executives are facing modern business challenges that call for resources to be secured and controlled across a diverse set of domains and platforms in a homogeneous way. Modern enterprise architectures span multiple domains, combining software and services in public clouds, private clouds and in legacy, on-premises environments.


But our architectural taxonomy is stuck in the past. We need a new reference architecture.


This white paper explores a new way of thinking about and describing architectures in terms of identity and access management. Modern identity standards are the key drivers of the new Identity Defined Security architecture.


The goals of this paper are to:


  • Assign modern roles to the high-level functions that govern most identity infrastructures—roles that are no longer web-centric, and are not tightly bound to any one protocol
  • Empower architects to explain their own infrastructures in terms of authorities, resources, services and domain boundaries, instead of using outdated and sometimes obsolete plumbing jargon
  • Describe the collaboration between domains to help you better communicate your architectures up the chain and among your colleagues