Consumerization Killed the Identity Paradigm

Consumerization Killed the Identity Paradigm

Deliver the security enterprises need - and the experience consumers demand.


Computers are not mainframes. Consumers are not system administrators. Sure, these statements seem obvious, yet we continue trying to force enterprise identity thinking to solve consumer identity needs. Why?


The way consumers interact with their favorite brands changed forever with the introduction of the smartphone. These “computers” are now always with us, everywhere we go. And now, we expect contextually relevant, personalized interactions every day. The right consumer identity architecture is the perfect opportunity for marketing and technology teams to join forces to deliver killer customer experiences. All we have to do is step back and break out of the paradigms that have held us back.


Listen to this lively discussion as Constellation Research and Ping Identity deconstruct consumer identity requirements. We’ll define a consumer-centric solution that delivers the security enterprises need—and the experience consumers demand.

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