Oracle Access Manager Migration
White Paper

Oracle Access Manager Migration Guide

Facilitate the transfer of applications without disrupting your end users


As business has shifted and changed in the Internet era, Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems have to change and grow to support new use cases. Traditional IAM vendors have been challenged to respond in a timely manner to these changing business requirements. Ping Identity® offers the solution with Identity Defined Security to extend and replace traditional IAM vendor products.


Ping’s products are designed to provide a simple migration strategy from traditional IAM solutions. PingFederate® and PingAccess® integrate with Oracle Access Manager to facilitate the transfer of applications without disrupting your end users. The transition from one system to Ping can happen on a timeline that supports your business.

A typical migration to the Ping Identity Platform involves the four phases. This migration guide provides an in-depth look at each phase and the steps taken during a migration.

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