public sector

Improve your identity security.
Reduce IT complexity.

Maintaining several identity infrastructures not only strains budgets and makes auditing difficult, but also threatens security. Ping Identity solutions address identity challenges for government agencies and citizen initiatives by providing cost-effective mission-critical access, integration with existing systems and comprehensive auditing and monitoring capabilities. Ping Identity solutions also enable government agencies, law enforcement organizations, commercial companies and foreign partners to exchange sensitive data without risking identity-related security breaches.

Cloud first? Think identity first.

Before you go Cloud First, think identity first. Migrating to the cloud and taking advantage of SaaS applications increases flexibility and reduces costs, but also creates identity risks. Ping Identity makes Cloud First possible without compromising security by letting you:


  • Offer secure single sign-on (SSO) to all your internal and cloud applications.
  • Centralize user access and eliminate multiple usernames and passwords.
  • Integrate new identity solutions into your existing infrastructure, saving time and leveraging past investments.

Turn smart cards into authentication solutions

More than five million smart cards have been issued to public sector employees since HSPD-12 was signed. Ping Identity turns your smart cards into total identity solutions, giving users integrated access to all your applications. With Ping Identity, you can:


  • Get more from your CAC and PIV card investments while meeting OMB M-11-11 requirements.
  • Let any application — on-premise, hosted or cloud — accept PKI smart cards.
  • Add back-end attribute exchange (BAE).
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Meet compliance requirements

with confidence

The Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) roadmap gives public agencies the direction they need to create trust across all boundaries: organizational, operational and physical. Ping Identity enables you to meet FICAM directives both inside your agency and within citizen-facing systems. With Ping Identity you can:


  • Serve citizens better by accepting common FICAM identity providers, identity schemes and assurance levels.
  • Deliver GSA/NIST/OMB-approved security and privacy.
  • Support FICAM, Cloud First, NSTIC, OMB M-11-11.
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