financial services

Discover why leaders

choose Ping Identity

Ping Identity solutions for financial services meet identity challenges for banking, insurance and payment companies by improving productivity and customer experiences with secure single sign-on (SSO). The world’s largest retail banks, insurance firms and payment companies depend on Ping Identity to eliminate passwords, provide one-click access from any device, drive down administrative and support costs and implement third-party applications quickly and easily — all while maintaining complete security.

Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance

Ping Identity understands that in an industry responsible for large amounts of sensitive customer information and dominated by risk and regulatory scrutiny is a big issue. Ping Identity financial solutions provide you, your customers and your partners with convenient access while meeting the strictest security requirements. With Ping Identity you can:


  • Ensure protection of sensitive customer data.
  • Address critical elements of KYC, PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, FFIEC and international insurance regulations.
  • Leverage partners' existing identity solutions without sharing sensitive customer data.

Stay competitive with strategic partnerships

In today’s networked economy, strategic partnerships and collaboration are an important way to develop and maintain competitive advantage. Ping Identity solutions enable convenient and secure business interactions across lines of business and with external partners by:


  • Offering single sign-on for any application.
  • Leveraging standards and integration kits to easily integrate with legacy systems and other applications.
  • Cost-effectively federating to any size partner.

Optimize experiences 

build customer loyalty

Your customers expect a consistent user experience across every channel, and with Ping Identity, higher levels of security don't have to mean that customer experience suffers. Our financial solutions deliver a rich mix of services and products that will delight your customers and boost adoption rates by:


  • Increasing site and application usability with easy, one-click access to all applications and services.
  • Creating a more personalized user experience.
  • Leveraging trusted partner identities and social sign-ons.