PingAccess Agent SDK for C
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paa_http_client_struct Struct Reference

#include <paa-http-client.h>

Public Attributes

void * impl
apr_status_t(* create_context )(const paa_http_client *client, apr_pool_t *pool, const paa_http_context **context)

Detailed Description

HTTP client interface

Member Data Documentation

apr_status_t(* paa_http_client_struct::create_context) (const paa_http_client *client, apr_pool_t *pool, const paa_http_context **context)

Creates a new paa_http_context instance to be used to configure a request, send a request and handle the response. This function needs to be thread-safe.

clientthe client handle
poolthe pool in which to allocate data
contextthe context handle – populated on success. This handle should only ever be accessed from a single thread.
APR_SUCCESS on success
void* paa_http_client_struct::impl

opaque implementation handle

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