PingAccess Agent SDK for C
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paa_config_struct Struct Reference

#include <paa-config.h>

Public Attributes

void * impl
const char *(* get_value )(const paa_config *config, const char *key)

Detailed Description

PAA Configuration Structure, a simple key-value store.

The exact keys provided by the configuration implementation can vary and depend on the selection of various SDK interface implementations and their required properties.

Implementations MUST expect to store values for at least the following keys:

SDK interface implementations MUST document all the properties they expect to find in the configuration.

Member Data Documentation

const char*(* paa_config_struct::get_value) (const paa_config *config, const char *key)
configthe configuration handle
keythe key used to retrieve the config value
the config value or NULL if none exists
void* paa_config_struct::impl

opaque implementation handle

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