PingAccess Agent SDK for C
paa-config-filesystem.h File Reference
#include "apr.h"
#include "apr_pools.h"
#include "paa-config.h"
#include "paa-cache.h"

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apr_status_t paa_config_filesystem_create (apr_pool_t *pool, const char *prop_files[], size_t num_files, char **err_msg, const paa_config **config)

Detailed Description

Header for the paa_config implementation that sources configuration from

Function Documentation

apr_status_t paa_config_filesystem_create ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
const char *  prop_files[],
size_t  num_files,
char **  err_msg,
const paa_config **  config 

Initializes the config from a collection of property files.

Property files contain 0 or more key-value pairs delimited by an '=' character, one pair per line. Whitespace before the key and after the value will be ignored. Keys that start with a '#' or '!' character will cause the whole line to be ignored.

The order of the property files in the array dictates the precedence of setting property values. That is, if the first and last file contain the same property, the property in the last file takes precedence.

poolthe pool in which to allocate memory
prop_filesthe files containing the properties
num_filesthe size of prop_files
err_msgan error message, populated on failure
configthe output, populated on success
APR_SUCCESS on success
error otherwise; err_msg contains a description of the specific error